Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Outlandish Watch

Back in August, I checked out the 2011 Queensland Poetry Festival,  at the Judith Wright centre in The Valley, Brisbane.

The Festival – Spoken in One Strange Word – was a three day event with over 30 contributing poets . I particularly went to see Nathan Shepherdson, Pascalle Burton and David Stavanger perform ‘The Outlandish Watch’. Here is a bit of a blurb from the official website -

The Outlandish Watch: Is there such a thing as reversible poetry? Poet/sonic artist Pascalle Burton not only set out to find an answer, she found co-conspirators in poets Nathan Shepherdson and David Stavanger.The Outlandish Watch documents this collaboration and new work. Grafting with Lewis Carroll’s Sylvie and Bruno, where a device allows the protagonist to reverse scenarios, the poets experiment with words in different sequences. The Outlandish Watch will be available on limited edition 7″ vinyl and features contributions from The Stress of Leisure.

Just for fun and to play with a borrowed camera, I videoed ‘The Outlandish Watch’ and Nathan’s solo reading. Below are the first 5 minutes or so of ‘The Outlandish Watch’  and most of Nathan’s poem.


It was a stormy, wet, crazy day and I was high on coffee but I found the poetry / performances very intriguing and dare I say entertaining – It was just a pity I didn’t attend the whole weekend – maybe next year.

Favourite section in ‘The Outlandish Watch’ is the bit about the Post Modernists.

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