Sunday, 25 September 2011

Black is Black

Here is another Ann & Andy Scott performance. This time a cover version of ‘Black is Black’. I have created a bit of animation to go with the music. The animation and video software I used was Reallusion’s Iclone 4 and Magix Movie Edit Pro 17.

Black is Black : Ann & Andy Scott

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mini Promo : The Submariners, Angharad Drake and Ann & Andy Scott

I am slowly gathering quite a collection of Sunshine Coast musicians CD’s, so here is the last three artists that have tossed me a copy.

The Submariners – Siena / Bass and keys, Nicholas / Guitar  and Leigh / Drums. All songs written by Nicholas Hew.

CD 3

Nicholas Hew was reviewed on ArtSmelter back in October of 2008, since that time he has had plenty of experience performing live, writing songs and developing his sound. Now with a small band and a recent release of an EP of three songs, this emerging artist is one to watch out for.

Not to forget Siena and Leigh, who contribute greatly to the over all sound, their musical skills fill out the songs, adding structure and  texture to the material.

Check them out here and here.


Angharad Drake – Songs by Angharad Drake

CD 2

As an emerging singer songwriter Angharad’s artistic output is quite impressive. Writing, performing and composing all the songs on her first CD is quite an accomplishment.

A tender folky sound, with touching personal lyrics, Angharad is a great songwriter who shows great promise. Currently she has teamed with another musician, Jake Smith, fusing her folky sounds with electronic sounds as the Marcy Prospects.

Check it all out here and here.


Ann & Andy Scott – Musicians and performers, semi -retired but still being creative.

CD 1

Ann & Andy were until recently performers on the Sydney scene, but now reside on the Sunshine Coast. With many years experience and incredible skills and talents, Andy & Ann have now compiled a collection of songs on their own CD’s.  On this disc is a photo of Andy’s guitar collection – some guys have all the fun.

If you like The Shadows or classic early Rock and Roll music then drop Ann & Andy an email :

Here is a cover of Apache

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