Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Art for my rent : Evangeline Cachinero

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A few months ago Evangeline Cachinero quit her job at an advertising agency to pursue a career as a visual artist. Without a backup plan and a little out of desperation, she wrote a single blog post aiming to sell one painting for the exact cost of her rent. This painting sold instantly.

A friend suggested, “that’s a blog right there. Not just a post, but a whole blog!” Two days later Evangeline had the new blog designed and ready to launch. The sole aim was to cover her rent. “I figured it was a good, feasible place to start. A roof over your head is a basic need and covering rent is a great load off my shoulders. Next year I’ll worry about buying groceries with my art”, she adds jokingly.

Evangeline’s blog covers everything about her art from inspiration and process to ongoing frustrations. She talks openly about how difficult it is to make it as an artist, and writes about her ups and downs in this journey she has embarked on. Her latest Vlog (video blog) is a skit on gallery rejection letters, which many artists can relate to. “Since starting the project I’ve received countless letters from other artists who have been inspired and motivated by the project”, Evangeline says. “If I can inspire just one artist to make more art, it’s worth it”.


  Alternative ways to try and carve out an arts career are becoming ever more important, as artists move away from the gallery circles and try to forge new ways of succeeding independently. There is a prevalent belief that art and money don’t mix, and therefore artists who are trying to make a living must be less of an artist than those doing it for the ‘love’. Projects such as this one test that ideology and push artists to empower themselves and inspire others to choose arts as a viable career choice.

Evangeline has opened herself up to a journey into the harsh reality of the art world, where most artists are chewed up and spit out. On the way, she’s learning to carve out her own little piece of the art world in order to do what she loves while being able to pay the rent.



Evangeline Cachinero
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EVANGELINE CACHINERO is a visual artist living on the Sunshine Coast, born in Wollongong and raised in Spain and America. A bit of a creative tornado, Evangeline is always into new projects such as: artformyrent, artist by artist, monobrow creative and Explicitly Graphic. She loves working with mixed media, multimedia, social media and collaborating with other artists. Some of her favorite tools are raw canvas, paper, pencil, charcoal, enamel, acrylic, oil, oil pastels, markers, lace, a camera, books, a mac, felt tip pens, sharpies, masking tape, rulers, photographs, video and the internet. When she writes her juicy life bio it will have stories that will embarrass her family, piss off ex-boyfriends, may incriminate her in several countries for various reasons and question her decision-making abilities. [Watch this space].

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