Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Showcase Review : Mark O’Neill

Fire , Magic, Stone, Ritual, Politics, Scars, Power, Poverty, Love, Hate, Dust, Death, Environment, History, Mystery, Dreaming – this is the stuff of Mark O’Neill.

Mark 4

Ritual 1983

Rambling Response as Worlds Collide.

By David Howard

Teotwawki attacks planet earth, great holes appear in the fabric of space and time – scary monster devours trees, rocks, animals ,men, women, babies, that disappear forever.

Tradition forged by fire, reality scraped from stone, anger and fear, blood, sweat and tear. Yelling at the top of my voice, heart beating strong, whips on my back, a boot in the face – take me back, take me way, way back.

Teotwawki now walks planet earth, beware the two witnesses, fire from the sky, apocalypse now.

Weather gone crazy while manic pollies eat truffles in underground caves, shooting lasers to other planets and burning the coal face.

I don’t care who you are, where you are, or what you know – I just care – so don’t mess with me.

Judgement comes on those who would destroy the earth and retreat from the life, the blood, the way.

Small, fragile, meek, broken, contrite heart, needy, weak, humbled, salvation, salvation, salvation.

So be it.

Mark 5

Ritual 1983

Mark has been a sculpture for over 30 years, as well as recently trying his hand at video, he occasionally creates a few enigmatic 2D art works – like this one below.

Mark 11

The End

Some of Mark’s ceramic work at a 2010 show at Macchia gallery.

Mark 10

Mark 9

Mark has a fascination with fire – it’s effect, it’s presence, it’s transformative power and symbolic resonance.

Mark 8 Mark 1

Some of Marks’s recent work  – small figures, heads, Orks, torsos, obliterated figures with symbolic headdress.

Mark 6


Mark 2 Janus

Mark 3    Ork 4

Mark 7  



Mark has just had a show at the Ground Zero Gallery in Nambour with Greg Windsor – here is a video from the closing night – Take Aim.

For further INFO on Mark O’Neill and contact details go to his web page here.

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