Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Showcase Review : Ground Zero Gallery

I checked out the Ground Zero Gallery which included the work of Greg Windsor and Adam Obscene. Ground Zero is part of SCAIP (Sunshine Coast Arts Industry Precinct) which is situated at Nambour. SCAIP also includes: The Black Box theatre, ENKO design, Artist Studios, and provision for video and music production/performance.

Overall, the quality of the art on display was very good and the gallery space itself has  a lot of potential for large works, installations, performance and good size openings.

Greg Windsor’s recent works are currently on display – large drawings related to a collaborative sculpture project and a kinetic sculpture that comments on and explores the nature of energy and technology in our time, especially those that are alternative and sustainable.

Greg Windsor ground Zero 1

Greg Windsor drawings.

Copy of Greg and Mark Ground Zero 

Greg Windsor,  Mark O’Neill and kinetic sculpture.

 Greg Windsor ground Zero 2

Greg Windsor drawings

 Ground Zero 1

Some of Adams work.

Ground Zero 4

Stencil work.

Ground Zero 5 Adam

Adam Obscene – Artist and Big Boss of SCAIP.

Ground Zero 2

Some other work also on display at SCAIP.

Ground Zero 3

SCAIP aims to support emerging artists and create an environment that is conducive to establishing an energetic and engaging art culture on the Sunshine Coast. SCAIP can be found at The Old Ambulance Station, 80 Howard St, Nambour.

Contact SCAIP on Facebook or on their webpage.

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