Thursday, 7 April 2011

Showcase Review : Gabrielle Turnbull

  I went for a drive down to the Redcliffe area a few days ago, looking for the local museum, taking a few photos and checking out the lay of the land. Redcliffe downtown seems to be in a period of transition with road works and street development. The old is making way for the new: which has probably been the norm for that area since Matthew Flinders first landed. The old landmarks are in various states of repair, neglect or rejuvenation – like this old theatre.

Gallery 9

There are still a few shop arcades – favorite areas of mine for finding something different or interesting – under and between the older shops, connecting the two main streets. As I wandered about I found an artist gallery, down this arcade – columns and flags leading down to the grand entry.

Gallery 8

Gallery 7






  Galleria Gabrielle: Fine Art - a gallery of works by artist Gabrielle Turnbull. The show consists of 22 works of drawings and paintings.


Gallery 2

Coincidently, the curator of The Redcliffe Gallery (Karen Tyler), just popped in as I was talking to Gabrielle about her work, so I cheekily asked them to pose for a photo.

Gallery 1

Karen Tyler and Gabrielle Turnbull

Gabrielle, had a show opening at the gallery during March. It must have been a reasonable success, as there were quite a few red dots (sold works) around the walls – which is great. It’s not easy to sell art in the current economic climate and so sales are a testament to Gabrielle’s skills, confidence and the quality of her work.

Gallery 4 

Gallery 5

Gabrielle’s work is full of intricate, energetic mark making, with a few symbols thrown in for good measure - being web like and interconnected, creating an abstract visual personal statement.  Gabrielle states in her media release, “This exhibition explores the notion of stability and vulnerability in relation to the human condition via the personal journey the artist has recently travelled.”

Gallery 6

More of Gabrielle’s work can be found at her web page, where contact details are also available. Her gallery is in Comino’s arcade off Redcliffe Pde, Redcliffe.

Check it out, have a coffee and take a walk on the pier.

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