Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Windwells: Channelling + Divining

Here is a video from the Windwells: Channelling + Divining installation that was in Brisbane in late 2010.  The installation was by Pat Hoffie and Stefan Purcell. It’s interesting the word, “channelling”, it has two spellings. Wikipedia has this to say - “Channelling (physics), the process that constrains the path of a charged particle in a crystalline solid.”  +  “Channeling (mediumistic), a term used in reference to the esoteric process of receiving messages or inspiration from invisible beings or spirits”. Maybe both meanings apply and add to the base idea of water moving in channels, drawn from wells. The word “divining”, has a similar connectedness to water and the spirits. There is something archetypal about the windmill (windwell), an icon of the landscape – something that connects to my childhood, but also resonates with technology of the past, present and future.

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