Saturday, 26 March 2011

Magazine : PoetsArtists


I came across this magazine on the online publishing site Issuu. The internet of course is totally out of control – you can pretty well do what you like. This means that clever and aspiring artist / poet / publishers like Didi Menendez can create these great magazines, showcasing very good artists and poets. Didi has kindly allowed me to embed ‘PoetsArtists’ into ArtSmelter – thanks. The embedded magazine has it’s own little controls and can be blown up to full size – great job!

Sometimes, I just feel like giving up art: especially, when I see the skills of artists around this planet – but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Arts not a competition, although it’s a bit of a fight, it’s more an individual thing happening in a communal way or a communal thing happening in an individual way - what the heck, what am I writing?

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