Saturday, 5 March 2011

Another SquareScape painting

Blow Spray

 My old, blow spray gun.

Blow Spray Eqipement

A few garden leaves.

Blow Spray painting stage 1

The beginnings of a SquareScape painting.

Blow Spray Leaves  

Ink blown over the leaves and allowed to dribble.

Blow Spray painting crop

A close up of the effect.

Blow Spray painting

The next stage will be to build up the painting in transparent acrylic washes, defining shapes, establishing depth and colour schemes. There is torn masking tape, edging the blue areas, which when removed will create it’s own effect. I may use some other masking effects, as the painting progresses, trying to build up layers of shapes, colours and textures. The good thing about the SquareScape series is: that I have allowed myself the joy of experimenting.

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