Saturday, 26 March 2011

Magazine : PoetsArtists


I came across this magazine on the online publishing site Issuu. The internet of course is totally out of control – you can pretty well do what you like. This means that clever and aspiring artist / poet / publishers like Didi Menendez can create these great magazines, showcasing very good artists and poets. Didi has kindly allowed me to embed ‘PoetsArtists’ into ArtSmelter – thanks. The embedded magazine has it’s own little controls and can be blown up to full size – great job!

Sometimes, I just feel like giving up art: especially, when I see the skills of artists around this planet – but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Arts not a competition, although it’s a bit of a fight, it’s more an individual thing happening in a communal way or a communal thing happening in an individual way - what the heck, what am I writing?

Monday, 21 March 2011

The landscape bares my TAG

Squarescape 9

SquareScape 9 – Graffiti   Acrylic and Ink on MDF  120x120cm  2011

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Showcase Review : John Thompson

War games – Collateral Damage

Drawing, painting & Print Exhibition @ White Canvas Gallery

10th march – 23rd march 2011

John Thompson 2 

War games continues Thompson’s pre-occupation with war and accumulated damage done. These works concentrate on the children of families affected by armed conflict around the world. The drawings and paintings talk of the emotional struggle to understand and come to terms with the loss, dispossession, incarceration and trauma of war victims.


John Thompson 3

John Thompson is inspired by the rich tradition of photojournalism and by drawings of the old masters. His paintings, drawings and photographs come filtered through a lens on the human struggle and the harsh reality of their behavior with a sensitivity to what is beautiful and poetic. 

John Thompson 1

War games is at White Canvas Gallery, Fortitude Valley until the 23rd of March.

More of John’s work and contact details can be found at his Crazy Dog webpage.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Windwells: Channelling + Divining

Here is a video from the Windwells: Channelling + Divining installation that was in Brisbane in late 2010.  The installation was by Pat Hoffie and Stefan Purcell. It’s interesting the word, “channelling”, it has two spellings. Wikipedia has this to say - “Channelling (physics), the process that constrains the path of a charged particle in a crystalline solid.”  +  “Channeling (mediumistic), a term used in reference to the esoteric process of receiving messages or inspiration from invisible beings or spirits”. Maybe both meanings apply and add to the base idea of water moving in channels, drawn from wells. The word “divining”, has a similar connectedness to water and the spirits. There is something archetypal about the windmill (windwell), an icon of the landscape – something that connects to my childhood, but also resonates with technology of the past, present and future.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Another SquareScape painting

Blow Spray

 My old, blow spray gun.

Blow Spray Eqipement

A few garden leaves.

Blow Spray painting stage 1

The beginnings of a SquareScape painting.

Blow Spray Leaves  

Ink blown over the leaves and allowed to dribble.

Blow Spray painting crop

A close up of the effect.

Blow Spray painting

The next stage will be to build up the painting in transparent acrylic washes, defining shapes, establishing depth and colour schemes. There is torn masking tape, edging the blue areas, which when removed will create it’s own effect. I may use some other masking effects, as the painting progresses, trying to build up layers of shapes, colours and textures. The good thing about the SquareScape series is: that I have allowed myself the joy of experimenting.

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