Tuesday, 22 February 2011

World in Spin

The Last NASA painting is ‘NASA 30 – NASA at the End of the World’. The process of creating a NASA painting has always been a 5 step process, except the very first painting which was immediate and totally unplanned.

Step 1 – Make up a title. (Normally, I would create a title after, or during the creation of an art work.)

Step 2 – A very quick sketch, based on the idea of the title. ( very free, and loose, barely discernable and drawn in less than 5 minutes.)

Step 3 – A quick sketch on the canvas. ( Drawn in black, and fiddled with until the main elements are apparent.)

Step 4 – Colourisation. ( Three colours and white, applied very loosely.)

Step 5 – Black Outline. (The final stage, to re-emphasize and re -energise the work.)

Although, NASA 30 is not complete (it soon will be), the following images are steps 3 to 5.

NASA 30 sketch

NASA 30 colour stage


NASA 30 black stage

The series will be shown in April at the Art Factory Gallery, South Brisbane. Opening night will be announced soon,  and an invite will be posted on this blog. As for the meaning of these works, I hope to conjure up something to say on opening night. The series is meant to be displayed in a large grid, together but separate – like the following image.

NASA Wall Image small

As for me – I am setting my mind now to the next three works – three panels, like an altar piece, inspired by Max Beckman and focusing on a particular place and it’s culture– in a similar style to the NASA stuff but different.

Me 2011

Me 2011, sitting in the studio, working on the invite designs for the Art Factory Show.

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