Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sorting out the next series

16x9 trial Mini 2

16x9 trial Mini

This image is a try out for my next series of paintings – the 16:9 series. The top version has been processed with a bitmap tracer, which converted the image into a vector image. Currently I am trying to work out the technical process and type of images that I want, that will carry me through the whole series of 10 paintings.  The bottom image is actually a lot darker in it’s painted form, and only 80x45cm in size - the final painting will be 160x90cm.

I quite like the effect, of both versions, but am wondering, if I should blow up a vector version to full size in outline mode,  transfer the image onto the canvas, and then colour it in. Each 160x90cm painting will be based on the smaller sketchy try out version (study), so there will be 20 paintings in all, based on 10 images. Another option, but more expensive would be to have the images printed as vector images onto canvas or paper.

Whichever way I produce the series, it will be a significant break away from my NASA series.


  1. At last... something new. Wish I could say the same.
    Lost my details for this site some where so I'll have to be anonymous

  2. I hope it will be new, although I can see strands of the old, in everything I do.
    The last two years have not been the most conducive for new work, but I figure either give up or keep battling away, and force the new by sheer commitment.
    I am still not sure about the direction of this series: this is the second attempt at arriving at a process to sustain me through a series. I have a rough idea but, it's still in the mixing stage.


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