Saturday, 16 October 2010

Requiem, NASA and the 16:9 series

NASA 18 - NASA Sings Requim for the Rockets 800

NASA 18 – NASA Sings, Requiem for the Rockets.

The above NASA painting is the 18th in a series of 30 paintings. Each work is painted in acrylic on a 90x70cm canvas, using three vague primary colours, black and white. The works each have three characters and a range of recurring motifs and props.  The theme is loosely about western culture, metaphorically represented by NASA. Another 12  paintings and the series will be complete, and the story told.

Studio Oct 10 2

Black gesso on small and large 16:9 paintings.

The next series is based on the idea, and format of the 16:9 ratio used by current HD television and DVD. The format was designed as an all encompassing format to cater for all previous film and television formats. The series of 10 will actually be, twin small and large paintings, making up 20 works in all. The black gesso background, is similar to the black no picture state of television. Colour will be added to this field of black, just like colours are switched on in a screen. The content of the image will relate to film/video ideas and terms – so far I have been working with a few ideas, but they are only nebulas at this stage – the small painting is meant to be the study for the larger work. Eventually, I will put paint to panel and post the beginnings on ArtSmelter – at least the supports are built and ready to roll.

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