Sunday, 13 June 2010

Showcase Review : Ron Mueck

I checked out the Ron Mueck show at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane last Friday, and fortunately you can take photos of the work – as long as you have your flash off. The following photos are by Wendy Beuster, who managed to get quite a few good shots. I first saw Muek’s work back in 2005 at the Queensland Art Gallery – a giant pregnant woman – it was very impressive, and I have been a fan of his work ever since. The realism is amazing and uncanny, one gets a sense of life emanating from these works and a feeling of intimacy.

Anyway, here is a walk through of the show :

Ron Muek Dead Man 

Dead Dad 1996-97

Ron Muek Baby

A Girl 2006

Ron Muek Baby Feet

A Girl – feet detail

Ron Muek giant

Wild Man 2005

Giant Hand

Wild Man – hand detail

Ron Muek Sticks

Woman with Sticks 2008

Ron Muek Lady

In Bed 2005

Ron Muek Old Ladies

Two Women 2005

Ron Muek Old Lady

Old Woman in Bed 2002

Ron Muek man on Lilo

Drift 2009

Ron Muek Head

Mask II 2002

To check out the rest of Ron Mueck’s extraordinary work on show, you have until August the 1st 2010 at GOMA Brisbane.

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