Wednesday, 9 June 2010

16:9 moving composition to music.

The above video is a composite of a still image, and a very short movie clip of an artist painting. The still image slowly glides across the 16:9 screen, while the superimposed movie clip has been slowed down. The music, from Simon Howard, has been added to create tension and acts as a timer for the whole transition. The idea is to have everything moving so slow, that the composition stands out. The idea of the 16:9 painting series is to create works that are informed by film/video, montage, collage, television and special effects, all within a 16:9 aspect ratio. I am thinking about using  black gesso instead of white – which relates strongly to how television and video work. The background screen is black and then a light emerges to form the image. So, this video is the beginnings of a new painting series – the hard part will be translating what I find, as I experiment, on to a physical support using paint.

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