Friday, 7 May 2010

Skin head


Well, I have changed the URL of ArtSmelter and I hope everyone can still find it. This is just a test posting and not a new series of paintings that I am working on. Actually it’s my new look  - the bald headed wigs  are so sweaty and itchy when your out in the street – but no one cares – but really it’s just the latest thing in artist looks to replace the old beret style.

I have inserted two bits of HTML coding onto the old ArtSmelter HTML template. One to re-direct to the new ArtSmelter URL and the other to tell the search engines to ignore the old URL. I hope it all works – anyway, this time next year, it won’t even matter.

If you got here then leave a comment so I can see it all works.


  1. Hi, David it seems to work really well - good work and I hope the old smelter revs up a bit.

  2. why wont it matter this time next year? Is the sun going nova or something?

  3. No, I just mean it won't matter this time next year.


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