Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Running Man.

running man alt

Pencil, biro, collage, felt pen on white paper, scanned and altered on computer – I will have to learn how to paint like that one day – photo touch up programs, have a certain way of suggesting new ways of painting.


  1. interesting... it has some of that textural thing that I've been chasing. Have you photographed it then psd'd it?

  2. I didn't use Photoshop but some other freebie art program. It was originally A4 in size, but I imagine this could become a large painting. The technique in paint would be interesting - sort of blotchy, impasto paint, applied vertically - getting the appropriate loss of detail blur would be tricky.
    One of my interests for years has been this cross-pollination and symbiotic potential between mediums - it not only sets up it's own challenge but also it's own purpose with underlying concepts.
    I am about to embark on a 16:9 format art series - will do a post on my blog soon and eventually on Smelter - I have already started.


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