Sunday, 23 May 2010

our house

This is a drawing of my house (roof off) and outlying buildings. The brown one on the right is my studio, it also has the gym equipment and my bikes in it. It is currently occupied by a black hole that devours any thought that enters it. The little building behind and to the left of it is the garden shed. It is being consumed by bougainvillea and honeysuckle but I havent drawn that in yet. The roof which is held up by a thick dowel curtain rod and a couple of bricks is collapsing under the weight of afore-mentioned plants; it leaks and everything that is stored in it gets wet in winter. The door closes only occasionally. consequently the floor is covered in a layer of rotting bougainvillea leaves - the pink ones.
There are more trees than the one that I have drawn and I fully intend to put them in sometime soon. The ground level of the area inside our fence has risen considerably over the last 14 years due to the amount of leaf litter that has fallen. Soon our hose will have a bank around it on top of which we will be able to erect fortifications - That is, if we are diligent in sweeping the patio and other areas immediately adjacent to the house. If we fail we shall be buried alive. Slowly.
The Patio, as shown, does not exist. The one that is there was put up by a couple of dodgy blokes who had little idea of what they were doing. When it rains the gutter in the valley between the house and the patio overflows and water cascades down in front of the windows. This is mainly annoying but does have a bright side being that it waters the patio pot plants and fills the dog's water bowl. A real labour saver.
We are getting a new patio which will require that I take on watering duties as above. It will have a wide box gutter which I have drawn in.
By-the-way, the principal reason for the drawing was to design the patio and see how the furniture would fit. It fits well. All the rest is superfluous. I have drawn some superfluous fish in the two big tanks but you can't see them because the lounge-room wall is in the way - same sort of thing applies to the pantry door knob. You can, however, see the doggy towel drapped over the back of one of the patio chairs. This towel is more-or-less a permanent fixture. An observant person would note that the colour changes from time to time. This is due to the resident towel becoming a bit horrid and having to be replaced with a fresh one. All the doggy towels are old and scratchy and many have holes in them.
On the superfluous fish - they are superfluous to the patio design but retain a value intrisic to themselves. Each fish is non-superfluous to itself - not the ones in the drawing, the real actual ones in the tanks. The ones in the drawing are signs to something other than what they are - they indicate that fish exist in tanks which the surrounding block of colour in turn are indicative of.
Its a pity you can't see them on account of the lounge-room wall being in the way. It was a toss up between showing the patio and doggy towel or the fish tanks. If I had  gone for the fish tanks I would be left having to explain the irrelevence of the doggy towel rather than the fish. Six of one and half a dozen of the other really.
Anyway, stay tuned for regular enthralling updates to OUR HOUSE. 


  1. I will really have to come and visit sometime, especially to confirm those house details. At least I have an idea about your house - although a Rhino version.

  2. More than welcome anytime! We have a spare room - its the one adjacent to the purple wall on the near side overlooking the patio/garden/outdoor couch and treadmill.
    HA! I like rhino - its actually fun to work with.


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