Sunday, 23 May 2010

our house 2

This is just so you don't worry aboout the fish


  1. Two fish tanks, but what sort of room is this - a counseling/Feng Shui/Media room for spoilt fish?

  2. Yeah, I mean no; the fish aren't spoilt, they are in need of a glass scrubbing, some new decorations and a good filter cleaning - The room is a kind of meeting room for Wendy's clients, hence the office like aspect. It also has my computer and messy desk in it which rather brings down the tone - me and the fish really. It is also home to Wendy's road and time-trial bikes - they hang an the wall behind the red chair and the end of the fish tank. I haven't drawn them yet, they're a bit tricky. There is also a window in that wall which I really should put in soon.


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