Tuesday, 11 May 2010

By the time I get to 30.


NASA 14 – NASA and the Time of the Rockets  - 2010

I think by the time I finish this series, I will want to paint some paintings a little less spontaneous, and maybe, also a bit more realistic. But then again, by the time I get to NASA #30, I might have totally destroyed myself and become like one of these little astronauts or worse yet like the larger more nefarious figure. Anyway, NASA 14 is finished and is posted in the Blogosphere for all 6 billion of you to see.

For those who care, or don’t know, or have an incurable desire to explore links (like some sort of itch, buried deep at the base of your cerebral cortex) NASA  is a  series of like looking paintings – a series of 30 paintings loosely rotating that sovereign  and extra earth fixed planet called NASA – all this of course is a metaphor and smudgy allegory for our own journey as survivors of the 20th century, traversing through time like wandering sheep following the shepherd of the west.

Each little painting (90x70cm) is one sector of a larger grid – with the right device one can ascertain ones position in this grid and delve into the mysterious of the last 50 years – it’s sort of like a painters talisman – NASA roulette for the spooky.

This NASA painting has a interesting double exposure thing happening on the left side – like a roll of film caught between two slides. Another cosmic happening in this painting is the reference to the water canopy theory and the weird behavior of the clouds.

Oh, well back to NASA 15 – NASA and the not so Shuttle.

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