Monday, 10 May 2010

Brisbane and Glasshouse : early works.

Suburban LandscapeBefore I left Brisbane in the mid eighties, I was painting  the Brisbane Suburban landscape. The work above was from around 1988 (just before I left to move to the Sunshine Coast) and describes  the red, corrugated, steel roofing, dotted amongst the treed hills - typical of Brisbane's old Queenslander house style. It is drawn in acrylic and EE pencil on paper.

house 1This one is another old Queenslander house, that some friends of mine lived in at Morningside – they have the painting and this is the only surviving image I have – I am not sure if it still exists.This would have been painted around 1984 – I think by memory it was acrylic on canvas.

dancer 014eAfter moving to the Glasshouse Mountains region in the late eighties, I started experimenting with bigger canvas’s again – the above work, was one of the  first . Up to that time I had been, producing works on paper for around 5 years straight. At the time I was trying to reproduce what I had done on paper onto a larger format in paint only, sans pencil . The work is executed in acrylic on hardboard.


  1. I think that is the house where I saw Wendy for the very first time. I had been visiting and was leaving when she arrived; I was on the lawn going to my bike, she walked up the path to the house. We didn't say hello or nothing. She doesn't remember it. - that is the house that M & L lived in?

  2. I lived in one of the houses that M&L lived in but, it wasn't this house - but then again I can't remember who moved into the house, after my other friends left to live out west.
    In the M&L house that I lived in on Thynne Rd, I found one of your paintings, which I hung on the lounge room wall - subsequently D&H bought the work from you, but I still have the little eye painting that was left there as well. But I ain't paying for that!
    I still have 3 other works by you and one photo by Wendy in my archives.

  3. well there you go... the eye piccy was done in wax and bitumous paint i think.
    thynne rd was where we had our wedding reception. wen lived there with m&l the other house was on a street that ran perpendicular to thynne and riding rds- up the morningside end.
    the d&h purchased pic would thave been one of the a&e series. i don't have any record of them except the one that went in the bicentenial bible.


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