Tuesday, 20 April 2010

In the studio – state of flux.


State of Flux

NASA #13 is now finished – for those who don’t know, I am working on a series of 30 paintings, called the NASA series – I have another 17 to paint. Below is the last three, the rest of them can be seen on my website here.

NASA 13 The Principle of NASA Rises in the East

NASA 13  - The Principle of NASA rises in the East

NASA 12 The NASA Space Odyssey

NASA 12 – The NASA Space Odyssey

NASA 11 The Great Fires at NASA

NASA 11 – The Great Fires at NASA


  1. I like this series but I hope it's not documenting your decent into madness, or maybe that is OK if it's going to happen anyway, could be interesting.
    I like the lack of respect for perspective, Gravity, colour logic, identity, meaning, fine art, cartoons, clouds, people, technology, little rocks, big rocks, black, danger, safety etc etc etc
    very disrespectful work David
    Keep up the good work.
    I can't imagine how and if it will end.

  2. Well, there is a deep need in me to see a human face, and stomp it with a pair of size 9 army boots. But really that is way too much Orwellian for me. The real thing is to try and find a gap between accepted norms, by trying not to emulate typical artistic styles.
    But you are right there is a disregard, for many things in these works - but my work over the last 30 years has always had that element.
    I can't see why I can't break so called laws - it's only a painting. I have had other artists or even lecturers sit me down and say, "You can't put black lines around things, reality isn't like that." or "Your mark making is random and not controlled, it should be more uniform", and "Your breaking the laws of physics, add a bit of realism to make it work" also a well known Queensland artist said to me, "Never use black in a painting, it kills the colours", and another artist/lecturer (who probably does the same now) said "You shouldn't write on your work - you might as well just write a paper instead".
    And finally the dear old nosey parker at my first SOLO who said, "To be an accepted artist you must sign your work",I replied, "I didn't sign the work, just for people like you" - he gave me a really odd look, as if the ground for all his reasons to make art had just disappeared.
    It only makes you want to find more adverse ways to mess with painting.


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