Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Talent is a curse

by Blair McNamara


talent is a curse - and I have it

I am talented, now please get out of my way

talent is what you do for a living

talent is pain, please cure me

talent has no plumbing or switch

talent is a nuisance…go away & let me get on with creating

talent is useless for wants instead of needs

talent is of no use to the working man (or the plan)

talent is free

talent lies idle

painting in yellow

I have more talent than you

I have no more talent to give

I just discovered my true talent

talent is a curse if you explain how you make money

talent is of no practical use

will the last talent to leave the building please leave the light on

talent is best kept for those secret occasions to surprise family guests

talent is useless without the brand

talent is a label

charcoal and paint mix

is there a drug to cure talent?

am I addicted to my talent?

talent stings my eyes

I cannot afford to be talented

this is no time to be using your talent

take one step backwards and talents unite

a talent scout is wearing the davie crocket hat

being a talent is a good way to burn your way through the village

there are no sweet dreams with talent

take this talent away from me so that I do not give you any ideas

painted surfboard on beach


  1. Ohh get talented you talenter, i cant take this talenting stuff anymore - talent off !

  2. Hey Gigs, Blair is making a comment about the art system/culture - it's not really too much about himself at all - it's really a very cheeky criticism.


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