Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Showcase Review : Blair McNamara

By Blair McNamara

My artwork is a chronology of changes occurring along the coastal plain.

Viking Motif 6 sml




Year: 2006

Medium: mixed media on canvas

Size: 100 x 110cm

Price: AU$5,200.oo




Through paintings, drawings, collage, photography, montage, installations and musical compositions I record the relationships between the visual and sound landscape. My fascination with the grid, the play-of-light, the layering of surfaces, the inherent energies found in nature, the abstraction of the shoreline and cultural diversity all inspire me.

PositivesNegatives 2003 150x120cms



Year: 2002

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 140 x 120cm

Price: AU$5,200.oo



With the coming of mass car ownership most Australian families had a car by the mid 1960’s to get to the beach. Around that time I was born the youngest in a family that went surfing all year round. My dad was an active Surf Lifesaving official and worked away a lot as a traveling salesman. He took us everywhere in that company car, even out west occasionally. Back in the 50’s my mother was apparently a page-3 beach girl a couple of times before she became a devoted housewife with 3 boys.

13 gold-coast-indy #1 1993






Year: 1993

Medium: mixed media on arches

Size: 66 x 51cm

Price: AU$2,100.oo






By the 1970’s and 80’s Australia’s coastal towns were well and truly a wonderland destination. I had evolved into a surf addict, taking annual safaris down the east coast, running around to Granite Bay during a cyclone or thrashing an old car up the beach to surf Double Island.

For over 25 years I have been consistently producing and presenting my work. Having grown up immersed in surf culture, my art is a life of observing, recording and researching the rapid spread of coastal urbanization. My personal philosophies about livability and sustainability have been informed by experiences of the global beach, from Bondi to Brazil.

TOBOGGAN HILL 2000 130X180cms (surfart) acrylic on canvas



Year: 2000

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 200 x 120cm

Price: AU$5,800.oo


By 2005, my life-long artistic observations of Coolum Beach were assembled to create the “coodabin/shoodabin” art exhibition at the University of the Sunshine Coast Art Gallery to ponder the paradoxes of the current construction craze brought on by the ‘sea-change phenomenon in my seaside community.

The exhibition’s title, ‘Could-Have-Been / Should-Have-Been’ is a metaphor for what people generally discuss about change. This cultural-map of Queensland’s built environment is recognised by some of the country’s best academic, government and architectural institutions.

As a unique record of Sunshine Coast history, “coodabin/shoodabin” embodies the textures, stories and spirit of Coolum’s evolution and sets up a seminal dialogue that artistically portrays the dynamics at play in this contemporary culture of  speculation.

Surf Optique 200 X 150cms





Year: 2004

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 200 x 150cm

Price: AU$5,800.oo





From both the exhibition and my later involvement with Sea change Taskforce Australia came a community arts project. In 2008, I was accepted as 2009’s artist-in-residence at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery to experience the wonders of the Coral Coast region and formulate my ideas into a solo “coodabin/shoodabin – coral coast” art exhibition which concluded 24th January 2010.

My personal presentations of “coodabin/shoodabin” or art workshops are available to community groups, educational institutions, corporations or clubs.

UMBRIA 2007 153x125cms acrylic on board (abstracts)




Year: 2007

Medium: acrylic on board

Size:153 x 125cm

Price: AU$3,800.oo




 For further information or your enquiries are most welcome through my website:


  1. Great work Blair - it's good to see some of the old QCA artists pumping out work. I can relate to the coastal theme - having spent most of my High School years on the Gold Coast. I can relate to Scott Redford's vision of the coast as well - which is more focused on the iconic aspects of the coast in a kitsch way. Your work has elements of that but seems to be one of a more direct experience and environmental immersion. I think your coastal works shows a deep appreciation for your environs and a joyful celebration of your experience.
    Keep it up, it's worth it.

  2. Hi Blair bear
    You definitely create a connection between the viewer and your work, I love the lines and the colours, it's vibrant, there's movement and everytime I see your painting on my desk all I can think is it is so Blair!!!

  3. C’est vraiment par hasard, au détour d’un clic, que je suis tombée sur les œuvres de Blair
    Des couleurs fascinantes, des formes attrayantes, des mélanges savants. Tout ceci est terriblement émouvant.
    Sur le net on voit de tout mais là j’ai vraiment aimé ce que je voyais et je me suis dit cet artiste est très talentueux il a quelque chose qui fait la différence !!!!
    Le personnage est à l’égal de son travail un sacré bout en train toujours là pour faire rire jovial amical d’une humeur colorée : j’adore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Here is a translation of the above -
    It really happened, the turning of a click, I came across the works of Blair
    Fascinating colors, shapes attractive mixtures scholars. All this is terribly exciting.
    On the net we see everything but there I really liked what I saw and I told myself this artist is very talented he has something that makes the difference! "
    The character is the equal of his work a hell being always there to laugh in a friendly jovial mood color: I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!


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