Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Crazy Guy messing around.

I finally settled on a new web page using Weebly. After lot’s of searching and hacking around in the dense jungles of the internet, I found a system that comes very close to making me happy and not going totally crazy. And of course it’s free unless you want to make it into a full domain like ‘’, instead of a sub-domain like ‘’. The picture below will take you to my new web page.

New page clip

Also, I have finally added a new posting to my ArtProofer blogging site. I am currently looking for co-conspirators to write articles etc. Let me know if your interested.

ArtProofer clip

On a final note, I have started a blog called Pandanus which will initially just be photos , but may include other art or related items down the track – let me know if you want to be a contributor. 

Pandanus clip

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