Monday, 1 February 2010

my survey entry

The south west survey is an annual exhibition that is normally run on a bring in your piccy and pay an entry fee; they have a selection panel and hang what they feel is the best of the bunch and someone wins a cash prize.
This year they have done it differently - the gallery has appointed Brown Art, an art consultant business to curate the show. Pippa and David are Brown Art; they have toured the southwest, visiting artists' studios, or whatever workspace they have, and selected the artists rather than the art. Each selected artist then cracks out a work specifically for the show. This is my effort; its 1800 x 1200 mixed media on mdf. There is no prize for the show and if I haven't been deselected at the last fence, i should get a $250 appearance fee.
Yesterday i fell off my mountain bike (twice) and broke my collarbone, so, i am typing one handed and have just gone off doing capital letters. hurts like billy-o.

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  1. That's great Roj. I didn't know that painting was that big, I assumed it was about 900x600. I do remember though, that you used to produce quite big paintings. Looks good and I hope you do well with it in the survey - it's all a bit of fun and one never knows where it will all lead.
    Sorry to hear about the collar bone - and I thought you were indestructible.


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