Saturday, 2 January 2010

Next in line will prance.

Negative Crop

Well the previous post’s artwork is now finished, and is now entitled, “Portal in Apricot Pink”. The above negative crop is from the next unfinished work, that I need to finish. It has a few scribbles on the bottom - “Nothing is really de-constructed only replaced” and “The faceless fool de-constructing away from the light” - these are random notes to myself and possible future titles.

Below is the real thing in a real context – all ready to go and not sure where to go. Maybe if I stare real hard, it will either disappear or some practical stuff will materialise – we shall see – time to work on NASA #9, and get that finished – time is running out – I will be 50 before the series is complete.


I might write an article on the NASA series and submit it to a national arts magazine then try and flog it off to some unsuspecting art gallery. Maybe a little booklet too that I can drop here and there as a wee primer to wet the sacred ground a bit.

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