Thursday, 28 January 2010

I will punch…….

punk 1

Well, I finished the paling fence and yesterday I re-organised my tools, building materials and storage areas – this is in preparation for the next jobs - I need to put up some guttering and finish my studio space. The above photo is me discovering that my camera can be controlled by windows XP automatically – that’s my stunned mullet look.

We had a busy Australia Day – family members over having a BBQ and swimming in the pool – as usual for this time of the year it was hot and humid. Amidst all the preparations and projects, I found time to start NASA #10 which is almost finished – I really need to start pushing these works out to get the series finished before I get bored or too stale.

Here are a few progress shots -

NASA 10 1NASA 10 2NASA 10 3NASA 10 4

The painting is actually a bit further progressed than this now but I we will keep that photo for later. The work was more dynamic as a sketch: the more colour I put on it the more it loses power – hopefully the black scribble outlines will create a bit of life. The work is looking a bit two flat and cartoonish as well – I am just dealing with those issues at the moment too – but all in all it is a typical NASA painting and should be finished in a few days.

The whole series is meant to be seen as one collective work, which hopefully will be a future show in a cool and supportive gallery. I will a post a composite of all ten paintings soon with a list of titles and a brief explanation of the concept.

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