Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Back in Black

 Joe Looking at the Space Between His Hands revisted

Checked out a painting by Charles Blackman in a show at the Queensland Art Gallery. The work was one of many chosen by Lawrence Daws, from the Galleries collection. The work has vibrant colours on a black background, which is very typical of many of Blackman’s works.

I had a close look at the technique, which comprises of broken brushstrokes of high key colour over a very dark black ground – it’s very dramatic.

Recently, I have been cropping old work and doing a negative thing, which turns the white background black – like all the works on this posting.

Stand Firm cropPreviously on this blog I mentioned the wish of mine to create works as vibrant and dramatic as these crops. Brush marks come alive and figures take on a new presence. Also, old colour schemes are washed away and replaced by some new and alien vision. Making works like these may need some rewiring to my brain to break old schemes – or maybe I should just copy the crops.

The Striped Shirt crop

These next two paintings are from a very old series called the red man series: they become in reverse the aqua blue boys.


redman earth revisted The process of fiddling with work on a computer, changes more than just the colour or heighten the drama – it shifts the meaning. This ex-redman has gone from a more peaceful painting to one with more menace – the dark smudge in the sky and on the head is due to a flash spot from a camera which in this version looks intentional.

redman revisted

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