Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Progress Report in the Summer heat.

Just another progress report to the electronic ether.

What follows is a series of photos documenting my new studio construction. From an unpainted stage, to mostly painted and then filled with junk from the old studio. Only half the studio is constructed – the logistics of moving junk around in a confined space plus a few other deadlines all converging, has meant that the studio is built in halves – the last two photos show the other empty half, which is now ready for construction.

Unpainted L Unpainted R Paint L

Paint R

Half Studio R

Half Studio L

Otherside L

Otherside R


And finally, another snake just outside my back door – in a stack of wood that I have to move in the next week – fortunately it’s non-venomous and shy – but it still can bite – “doo,doo,doo”.



  1. White walls are good - they show up the splatter from over paint and gradually build up a history of your more enthusiastic moments

  2. Hey Roj, hows it going? The white paint is left over from painting another house and works quite well - plenty of light and makes paintings look bright. Unfortunately I am a very neat painter and hardly spill a drop - unlike Francis Bacon who used every spare wall surface as a palette - great painter but I think he was a looney.
    I once saw this doco. on an well known artist, who used to read a book once then use it is as a multi-page palette - he didn't believe books should be kept only experienced - maybe if we saw his paintings we should look once then set light to them.


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