Monday, 28 December 2009


Worm Hole

I finally got my drawing desk into some sort of order and started to work on finishing a few drawings – there is a pile of a about 30 to work through.

Hopefully soon, I will start to accelerate into my NASA series – the last one in the series maybe entitled, “NASA vs. Nolan” – but we will see – this idea might be a bit trite.

The commitment to complete a work, even after not working on it for many months or even a year, has it’s benefits. One is you can see the work with new eyes and two, the new investment invites extrapolation – new ideas are built upon old ideas which in turn leads to new work.

Freshness in a piece of art is quite important, and that spontaneity creates a spark and liveliness which is missing in overworked pieces. But in saying that, spontaneity, and subsequent life and freshness, are really a product of a state of mind and effort that is appropriately rendered.

The above work, possibly entitled “Worm Hole”, or “Portal de Femme” or some such thing, is almost finished – the figure needs some work and a 9B pencil will be used to tidy and enliven the surface overall.

The important thing is to stay committed and think about what you do, while minimising the distractions – whatever they may be.


  1. ta for the slide, david -- such a long time ago, I have no idea where or when?
    I too have been reorganising studio space and getting down to some work again after Thailand and Lao trip. - got some sable brushes there which are good using them to go over old work and freshen up the surface, it can be done!

  2. I checked out the slide on your blog site - it has a movie star feel to it. I have only just started going through the old photo stuff and will send more as I find time. I am not sure when that photo was taken either. I hope the brushes work out well and that you feel energised after your trip overseas.
    Good to see you visiting the "Smelter". I use Windows live writer to send my blogs now - this can be done offline then posted when ever to which ever blog you like - much quicker and easier.


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