Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Old stuff, new stuff.

Nude Negative 2

I have been wondering how to replicate this “negative effect” into the analogue world. It’s so easy and quick to do in the digital world, but somehow a real painted version would be a challenge.

I like the way the line becomes so brilliant and energised and how the sloppy paint becomes so fragile and floaty – sort of like aura photography, resonating in harmony with the meandering line.

Maybe I should use perspex  painted black, mounted on a brilliant white background – the black scraped and scratched  to produce the image.

And then experiment with coloured versions, like this chunky nude.

Nude Negative 3


  1. I suggest you start by painting your canvas - board is probably better - with a heavy chalky white acrylic maybe add plaster to acrylic house paint and get it on a few mil thick. Then paint it all black and scrape/sand/stab/grind/chop/hack &c., back into it. (like that scraper board you can buy, but, home made and less perfect.

  2. Thanks for the idea roget: it seems to have a lot or merit - hmmm a new technique to try.


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