Monday, 16 March 2009

art art art thats what crows say

the previous painting is finished I think - as finished as they get anyway. This is a new one that I started this evening. I'm painting over a treescape thing that I did 14 years ago. Murderers have served their prison sentence in that time and are back out on the streets.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

the repulic

hi folks. been a while since a visited. good to see you still at it. i thought this was a worthwhile statement. from a blog of irish artists. cheers snorkel

The Provisional Governmentof theAUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC OF CREATIVE PRACTITIONERSTo the Global Community:We declare the right of the creative practitioner to theownership of a mapped section of this world and tothe independent control of this territory.In every generation, the artist has asserted their right to freedom of expressionand creative autonomy: therefore we hereby proclaim'The Autonomous Republic of Creative Practitioners'as a sovereign and independent stateand we pledge to work creatively and with purpose towards the cause of its freedom,of its welfare and of its exaltation among the nations of the world.The Autonomous Republic offers to support and be supportedby each and every creative practitioner.The Republic guarantees equal rights and opportunitiesto all its citizens and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nationand of all its parts, cherishing all the creative citizens of the nation equally.Until our borders are mapped to mark the opportune momentfor the establishment of the Republic,a provisional national boundary hereby constituted,will hold the Republic in trust for the people.After the dissolution of such boundaries of the Republic,this mapped territory may continue to exist in a virtual state.At this supreme hour we place the cause of theAutonomous Republic under the protection of'The Society of Creative Liberty and Freedom of Expression'
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