Wednesday, 18 February 2009

NASA in a Time of Peace

NASA in a Time of Peace 2009

Just finished NASA number six on the weekend and about to roll onto seven. There is only 24 more to go - Ha -it's like running a marathon, which I will complete!

The stack of canvases can be seen piled up behind number six - I have no excuses, the money is spent and I better make good on my word.


  1. Well David what ever you have to do to make yourself do the work is fine I guess. We all have motivational tricks we play on ourselves, if it produces good art all the better.
    It seems your method is to set up everything that has to exist, tell everyone you're going to do it which produces enough pressure that you have no choice but to do it; almost like running a self made gauntlet.

  2. It's a good method Simon - pay the entry fee, tell everyone its on, then crack it out.
    Thanks for the comments you left on my blog David.
    It's good to see you sustaining this theme, there should be some very interesting developments over the next 24 canvases and it will be quite a spectacle when they all hang together. It would be good it they could hang like tiles in one big polytych - is that your intention? You'd need a big wall.
    Keep up the boot-camp.

  3. Simon, I think your right about the pressure to complete the NASA series. But the prime motivation is something different and is balanced between serious intentions, pleasure, pure ego and the need to say something.

    Yes Roj, this is going to be one huge polytych, which is part of the challenge and heck of a lot of fun. The concept to me is exciting and is well worth the effort and minimal cost - about $550 for 30 paintings - all materials.

    The whole thing is a very loose metaphor for western culture. It sort of represents the jaded hopes and cultural experiences of the generation who were young in the late sixties and early seventies.

    The titles comes first and then a wee little rough sketch, which becomes the final work - all done in various versions of red, yellow and blue - mixed with white then relined in black.

    The boot camp is making me ache - turfing Jonas' property all weekend didn't help either.


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