Sunday, 22 February 2009

NASA and the Polytych creature from outer space.

Here are two group images of the NASA series so far. The first one above is a cut and past job, presented in the order of execution - left to right, top to bottom. The second one below is in my studio - stacked in random order.

Eventually all thirty paintings will be displayed as one group: in a grid like fashion or alternatively as a lineal, around the room type affair. Also music, sound effects and light effects may accompany opening night. One thought I had was to have the title to flash up below an individual painting in a random fashion, timed to music/sound effects.

I am quite excited by the effect of these displayed together and feel motivated to carry on - the trick will be to allow the painting style to develop without changing too much - maintaining energy without degenerating into repetition - each work has to stand on it's own as well as link to the group.


  1. They look really good together David and I think the impact of 30 would be amazing if you can do it. You have set yourself a huge task, is this to be your life's major art work? Do you have a subject for all 30 at this stage and if so where did they come from and if not why 30 it is so many?

  2. I just think it's worth the challenge because it seems achievable. As per usual there are a simple set of rules, a theme and a framework that supports freedom.

    If I just aimed for one painting then I would not achieve much, but 30 will make a sizeable statement.

    Why not a few of these challenges every couple of years? I think it is better than just twiddling your thumbs into eternity. The work might be rubbish - but at least it's my rubbish - either try to be an artist, or a hobbyist or just give up. I have always used the same principle - try to get things finished, even if it takes years.

    I think that is why Bob, Van and Neil are so good - they just keep plugging away regardless and follow the same beacon on the hill.

    I have written the titles for twenty (which took five minutes) and then drawn the sketches up to ten (which took ten minutes). The paintings take longer as I fight with them until they sit right(A couple of weeks - due to time constraints - an hour here, an hour there - just plodding along).

    The word NASA is the talisman into each work. The three characters play act the scene. There are a repeating group of objects throughout the series e.g. boat, cloud, mountain, wave, pond, leaf and others things.

    The whole thing is open ended and acts like a Myth, parable or film. The viewer will experience the works in such a way that can't be easily expressed in words - just like watching a film. There is meaning inherent but it is expressed in non-textual ways.

    The title will give some flash of contextual meaning to the viewer. Just like M.Night Shyamalan's films (an underrated and misunderstood director) e.g. the ending of "The Sixth Sense" - up unto the end you think you are watching a particular type of film, then bang the penny is dropped and the real meaning hits you in a series of flashbacks that instantly enlightens.

    I hope that gives you some sense of my thinking - I am glad you like the works.

  3. good luck with it I'm sure it's a worthwhile project, can't wait to see the end result(but will). If you want to use some of my sound/music at the opening I would be honoured.

  4. The music with a retro space theme would work - you've got a year or so to come up with something that will fit the images - I am sure you can do it!

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