Saturday, 31 January 2009


Trashy, Hokey Dinosaur rock - and I like it.

Went to the Neil Young Concert in Brisbane last week and had a great time. From the very first sounds distorting from his guitar to the final experimental deconstruction of music in the last song, Neil played with energy and passion while the crowd sat as if mesmerised by some sort of arty music happening.

He gets some amazing primordial sounds from his old black guitar and gigantic Magnavox amp. - his guitar work is very trippy and Hendrix like but also like some ancient monster rising from the deep nether realms of Neil's subconscious.

His art teeters from hokey simplicity to insightful sophistication and finally reaching all the way up to total deconstruction - Neil is a very interesting artist who defies mediocrity but embraces normality, love and common sense.

Neil is not only a prolific artist and but also a productive thinker who shows no signs of slowing down - among various music and film projects he has also been working on a more economical form of transport - the Lincvolt - which is about getting a big classic, heavy car to travel far more efficiently - check it out here.

The above video is a new release and has all the hallmarks of his home grown sophistication and left of centre humour. I quite enjoy this type of video work and feel inspired to try my hand at this kind of back yard blurb - why not, most of us have all the equipment we need to make all the art we like - it all depends if we have the gall and motivation to rise above our self pitying over consumerism and complacency - in many ways real art is as simple as an apple and as sophisticated as it needs to be - thanks for a great concert Neil.

For Neil Young fans check out the Blog Neil Young News - it's quite worthwhile and up to the minute - must take a bit of time and work to keep the posts going - keep on blogging!
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