Monday, 28 December 2009


Worm Hole

I finally got my drawing desk into some sort of order and started to work on finishing a few drawings – there is a pile of a about 30 to work through.

Hopefully soon, I will start to accelerate into my NASA series – the last one in the series maybe entitled, “NASA vs. Nolan” – but we will see – this idea might be a bit trite.

The commitment to complete a work, even after not working on it for many months or even a year, has it’s benefits. One is you can see the work with new eyes and two, the new investment invites extrapolation – new ideas are built upon old ideas which in turn leads to new work.

Freshness in a piece of art is quite important, and that spontaneity creates a spark and liveliness which is missing in overworked pieces. But in saying that, spontaneity, and subsequent life and freshness, are really a product of a state of mind and effort that is appropriately rendered.

The above work, possibly entitled “Worm Hole”, or “Portal de Femme” or some such thing, is almost finished – the figure needs some work and a 9B pencil will be used to tidy and enliven the surface overall.

The important thing is to stay committed and think about what you do, while minimising the distractions – whatever they may be.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Progress Report in the Summer heat.

Just another progress report to the electronic ether.

What follows is a series of photos documenting my new studio construction. From an unpainted stage, to mostly painted and then filled with junk from the old studio. Only half the studio is constructed – the logistics of moving junk around in a confined space plus a few other deadlines all converging, has meant that the studio is built in halves – the last two photos show the other empty half, which is now ready for construction.

Unpainted L Unpainted R Paint L

Paint R

Half Studio R

Half Studio L

Otherside L

Otherside R


And finally, another snake just outside my back door – in a stack of wood that I have to move in the next week – fortunately it’s non-venomous and shy – but it still can bite – “doo,doo,doo”.


Sunday, 29 November 2009


Well, I am out of work again – which is great for the moment – time to catch up with a million jobs – and plan for the next thing.

Currently, I have been preparing a few houses for sale and doing a bit of renovation/demolition at my own house. The photo below is under my house and shows the walls coming down.


This is from the opposite direction – the cross bars are house bracing – which I had concealed inside a wall.

demolition 2

This demolition is making way for a new studio space, which will be a bit larger than the previous studio but with a lower ceiling. The next photos show the new walls going up and a bit insulation paper to reduce and act as a secondary water barrier. The ceiling and walls will all be lined and painted white for maximum light – I also had an electrician in a few days ago to add a few lights and power points.


Construction 2

Construction 3

This week I will also begin working on the pool fencing – the old pool area is half demolished and the planning for the new improved area is under way – this time I will use very little second hand materials  - that’s for both projects.


It’s a bit hard to paint at the moment – I have stuff everywhere – but I will be keen to start again in the new year – especially in a new studio space.

You can see both my dogs in the above photos – just like my other reno. pictures from two years ago – the last time I was out of work.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


david 1978

David 1978 

I Just started NASA #9 using the three colours in the photo below.

paint tubes 9 v2

It’s been a very long haul this year – not much time for art – but I managed to complete a few more works amongst all the mayhem.

Hopefully, next year will be a different year – the passing of my Father this year and all the subsequent issues involved were very taxing – physically, time wise and emotionally.

Below is the beginnings of NASA #9 – NASA in a Time of Drought. The latest paints were supplied via a gift voucher, for my 48th birthday from my son – six tubes – two blues, two reds, two yellows – perfect.

NASA 9 in progress

The fractured sky is already showing possibilities and the images forming are already suggesting relationships that I never planned. After NASA number 10, I will be a third of the way through the series – I am already thinking about how to show it.

I have a small hanging of pictures at an Arts and Community centre in February, but will just draw on old stuff – mostly decorative work to suit the area. But currently, I am still very busy with family issues until the end of the year – so blogging and art are in the last carriage.

Monday, 31 August 2009


this almost "the latest" incarnation of this painting (in a previous life it was called "bolts" - an older post on my blog) is at a breakout stage. It got caught up with a narrative for a while there, a narrative with which I became bored so I took a hammer and chisel to it which released me to paint in reaction. I feel much better for it - kind of like 8 hours after a good breakfast of branflakes. Phew.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Distortion of the Red Frames

Another experimental video – old film footage and my old guitar.


Actually this is my grandparents, doing a bit of acting for me in 1980 – they were keen to do a bit of experimenting with art now and then. This footage was originally shot on an old, second hand, standard 8 camera. I recently converted over three old film reels I had from around this time – projecting them onto a screen and then videoing them – the frame rates are out, but I like the effect anyway.

The music is my guitar distorted on a cheap amp with drums added, and then slowed right down – the whole final thing is very grungy.

Saturday, 29 August 2009


Just finished NASA #8 – The NASA Control of Culture – Acrylic on canvas – Cadmium Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Red, Titanium White, and Carbon Black.


A bit of good and evil mixed up in #8 – just like culture. A cross on a boat on a mountain – a stream of sixes flowing – black bird like creatures flocking – snake like ropes and coils for breathing and support – yellow stars shining – astronauts crumpled and dragged.

I don’t believe in the notion that artists shouldn’t talk about their work: that the art should speak for itself. The art does speak and so can the artist, as long as they are articulate enough to communicate clearly.

Sometimes not speaking is a foil for not knowing anything and other times the speaking is so cryptic and meaningless that all sense is buried. It is important to think and talk about art, especially your own.

What is “culture” but the avoidance of fresh air. Below is a detail from my stagnant pond of blow hard NASA #8 stench. What the heck does it all mean?

NASA 8 detail

Next is  - NASA in a Time of Drought – same actors, different costumes, different story.

Saturday, 15 August 2009



Yes, is the new No. This is another bit of snipping and stitching – a bit from here and a bit from there. The image is a portion of a drawing inverted in Irfranview, the guitar is just a quick bit of picking, the drums are a free sample from Magix music maker. The music was slapped together in Samplitude and then mixed with the image in Movie edit pro. All this was shunted up to Youtube and then posted up to blogger via Windows Live writer – our generation has problems.

Saturday, 8 August 2009



This is a song I wrote back in 1981 – it was scribbled in my college daze art journal – 20 years later I re-wrote the tune a bit – and now 8 years later I have just done a quick recording – two takes, very little editing and a spontaneous bit of guitar picking – with plenty of mistakes. The sound card used for the recording cost ten dollars and the software was free.

This is very much how I do things – the man with the ever present past – slowly moving along at the cheapest pace – maybe in ten years, I will make another if I can afford it.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Old stuff, new stuff.

Nude Negative 2

I have been wondering how to replicate this “negative effect” into the analogue world. It’s so easy and quick to do in the digital world, but somehow a real painted version would be a challenge.

I like the way the line becomes so brilliant and energised and how the sloppy paint becomes so fragile and floaty – sort of like aura photography, resonating in harmony with the meandering line.

Maybe I should use perspex  painted black, mounted on a brilliant white background – the black scraped and scratched  to produce the image.

And then experiment with coloured versions, like this chunky nude.

Nude Negative 3

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Nude Negative 7 Kiss my Shoes in Pools of Liquid Frost – digital alteration of drawing.


When I was younger, especially in my late teens painting, drawing, songwriting, and music felt very exciting and full of life. When I played a chord on my guitar it seemed to resonate with vitality. A simple drawing was like a touchstone to another level of meaning.

The visual art of my heroes always looked great and profound. While the music and songwriting reverberated with untouchable importance. In fact my own art actions felt resplendent in contrast to my normal actions, although they were meager when I look back over my catalogue.

Do we as artists or people in general, over time, become encapsulated in a cocoon of past events, that nullifies our sense of vitality? Do we get trapped in time warps of our own making that cause us to lose momentum? Or, do we just run out of puff?

Who knows? And I don’t care! I just think, I will try to do art the rest of my life.

Monday, 16 March 2009

art art art thats what crows say

the previous painting is finished I think - as finished as they get anyway. This is a new one that I started this evening. I'm painting over a treescape thing that I did 14 years ago. Murderers have served their prison sentence in that time and are back out on the streets.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

the repulic

hi folks. been a while since a visited. good to see you still at it. i thought this was a worthwhile statement. from a blog of irish artists. cheers snorkel

The Provisional Governmentof theAUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC OF CREATIVE PRACTITIONERSTo the Global Community:We declare the right of the creative practitioner to theownership of a mapped section of this world and tothe independent control of this territory.In every generation, the artist has asserted their right to freedom of expressionand creative autonomy: therefore we hereby proclaim'The Autonomous Republic of Creative Practitioners'as a sovereign and independent stateand we pledge to work creatively and with purpose towards the cause of its freedom,of its welfare and of its exaltation among the nations of the world.The Autonomous Republic offers to support and be supportedby each and every creative practitioner.The Republic guarantees equal rights and opportunitiesto all its citizens and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nationand of all its parts, cherishing all the creative citizens of the nation equally.Until our borders are mapped to mark the opportune momentfor the establishment of the Republic,a provisional national boundary hereby constituted,will hold the Republic in trust for the people.After the dissolution of such boundaries of the Republic,this mapped territory may continue to exist in a virtual state.At this supreme hour we place the cause of theAutonomous Republic under the protection of'The Society of Creative Liberty and Freedom of Expression'

Sunday, 22 February 2009

NASA and the Polytych creature from outer space.

Here are two group images of the NASA series so far. The first one above is a cut and past job, presented in the order of execution - left to right, top to bottom. The second one below is in my studio - stacked in random order.

Eventually all thirty paintings will be displayed as one group: in a grid like fashion or alternatively as a lineal, around the room type affair. Also music, sound effects and light effects may accompany opening night. One thought I had was to have the title to flash up below an individual painting in a random fashion, timed to music/sound effects.

I am quite excited by the effect of these displayed together and feel motivated to carry on - the trick will be to allow the painting style to develop without changing too much - maintaining energy without degenerating into repetition - each work has to stand on it's own as well as link to the group.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

NASA in a Time of Peace

NASA in a Time of Peace 2009

Just finished NASA number six on the weekend and about to roll onto seven. There is only 24 more to go - Ha -it's like running a marathon, which I will complete!

The stack of canvases can be seen piled up behind number six - I have no excuses, the money is spent and I better make good on my word.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Drome4 excerpts

The above picture is Justin Bull's bicycle and paper being used as a sound source at Drome4.



Saturday, 31 January 2009


Trashy, Hokey Dinosaur rock - and I like it.

Went to the Neil Young Concert in Brisbane last week and had a great time. From the very first sounds distorting from his guitar to the final experimental deconstruction of music in the last song, Neil played with energy and passion while the crowd sat as if mesmerised by some sort of arty music happening.

He gets some amazing primordial sounds from his old black guitar and gigantic Magnavox amp. - his guitar work is very trippy and Hendrix like but also like some ancient monster rising from the deep nether realms of Neil's subconscious.

His art teeters from hokey simplicity to insightful sophistication and finally reaching all the way up to total deconstruction - Neil is a very interesting artist who defies mediocrity but embraces normality, love and common sense.

Neil is not only a prolific artist and but also a productive thinker who shows no signs of slowing down - among various music and film projects he has also been working on a more economical form of transport - the Lincvolt - which is about getting a big classic, heavy car to travel far more efficiently - check it out here.

The above video is a new release and has all the hallmarks of his home grown sophistication and left of centre humour. I quite enjoy this type of video work and feel inspired to try my hand at this kind of back yard blurb - why not, most of us have all the equipment we need to make all the art we like - it all depends if we have the gall and motivation to rise above our self pitying over consumerism and complacency - in many ways real art is as simple as an apple and as sophisticated as it needs to be - thanks for a great concert Neil.

For Neil Young fans check out the Blog Neil Young News - it's quite worthwhile and up to the minute - must take a bit of time and work to keep the posts going - keep on blogging!
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