Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New Gadgets and impossible outcomes.

I have added a new blogger gadget on the lower right hand side bar. It shows shortcuts to the most recent posts from a few different blogs. Also there is a third party gadget that shows the leaving and forwarding links of our visitors - it also shows what area they are from - this is on the lower left hand side bar.

The above drawing I did in the late eighties, which was the last in a series of drawings based on black and white photos taken on the Gold Coast coastline. This last drawing actually diverges from the others in the series and now, to me, looks like a precursor to the works that I did throughout the nineties.

In some ways the doing of the art leads itself along a path, that would be hard to anticipate by just thinking about it - just like one foot after another as you learn to walk.

Life hurries along at a thundering pace, so much so, that I feel when looking at this work, that I may never be able to take advantage of the full promise that I now see in it. The works in the nineties, although flowing through and from this work have taken another course - I suppose one course of many possible courses.

If I had a time machine, I could go back and choose another route and see where that thread leads. Maybe eternity is about cycling back and exploring all possible outcomes ad infinitum.


  1. There is always your old age, if you can still see properly. Trouble is the powers that be don't want just artists, you have to be a promoter, writer, net-worker and if there is any time left then an artist. I guess that is why so much commercially successful art is incredibly mono-dimensional, relying on a single concept surrounded by mirrors, the artist don't have time to develop the work.

  2. I would like to track down theses powerful people and give them a piece of my mind. But when ever I get close to them they just run away. They never want to play and always take the good toys - they never play with the toys, they just hog them. One day I am going to smash all the toys and make some new ones and share them with the others who always miss out.

  3. that's the spirit David
    smash it up smash it up.
    Bring on the revolution, make those toy hogging capitalist speculators learn gardening skills.
    We have thrown out the baby of reasonableness with the commie bath water, but she still lies there waiting to be lifted she's a tough little bugger.
    And if you do this Bro' old father time will look down on you and will remember your niceness.

  4. Hi David,
    I would love to become part of this collective blog. I have had this page in my favourites since you gave me the information, and have been biding my time(lurking).I now feel like I have something to contribute. Here's my blog details:

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Dana (video shop girl)

  5. Hi Dana,

    That would be great to get new blood onto the Smelter. I can set you up, so that you can post as you now do on your own blog - which is now on our short cuts and recent blog post list.

    I can then add some off your other stuff to menus.

    We are just a bunch of artists having a go, trying out the new media and enjoying ourselves - hopefully this will have some effect on our careers.

    All I need is your email address - preferably gmail, but any will do.

    Send your email address to my email -

    I will send more detail and setting up instructions via return email.


    P.S. I have checked out your blog and other sites - it looks good and your drawing style is interesting - hopefully we see some of your work on ArtSmelter.

  6. Unfortunately Simon you maybe right - the need for revolution that is. But I am more of a pacifist, yet I can see the need for the common man to wrench back control away from the rich and greedy who are ravaging our planet with their globalist concerns and underhanded manipulation of money matters to their own ends.

    These issues transcend left and right politics due to the fact that people in need only want to eat and survive while the super rich don't believe in politics or laws for that matter.

    Unfortunately, the masses have traded their freedom for a mess of pottage and relinquished their wisdom for a gaggle of empty dialectical distractions and so have become blind and lame.

    I will be fine after I take my soma.


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