Monday, 20 October 2008

SHOWCASE REVIEW: Submarine Man - Yi

Recently, a young local musician dropped a CD in my letterbox entitled: Submarine Man. The music CD was produced almost entirely by Yi who is the musician and author of all of the songs. Recording the music at home with guitars, keyboards, drums and computers he has expressed his own vision and developed quite a few technical skills on the way.

Although this is a debut album produced from home - and why not - the level of competency is quite high. The song writing is strong and the mixing and experimentation with sounds shows a lot of promise. Yi's voice though still developing harks back to the sixties with echoes of The Beatles, Ray Davies and to me a bit of the early Lou Reed. These influences including a touch of Bowie can be found strongly in the music and also possibly in some of the song titles: Submarine Man - Yellow Submarine, Ruby Skies - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Whether these are direct references or not doesn't matter the imbued feeling is strong.

The lyrics, like all good lyrics are framed by the artists experiences and influences. Yi fortunately does not write trite copies of other artists lyrics but allows his own personal voice to be expressed without reverting to cliché and formula - which is good.

While recently watching a documentary on Ray Davies of the Kinks I was reminded of Yi's album - of the songs I remember, Rays 'A Well Respected Man' particularly jumped out. Also Yi's, 'Pretty Little Hands' has some interesting experimentation that reminds me of The Who. 'Schools of Fish' has a vocal like some of Bowie's work and a harmony like the Beatles.

All in all Yi has done a fine job at producing, arranging, composing and performing his own album. And especially a great job for a guy who is barely 20 years old. His album of songs can be heard in entirety by going to the failed painter blog - enjoy - I have been and have listened to the album quite a few times while busy painting at night.

Here is a video from Youtube of Yi's cover of 'Across the Universe' filmed by L.M. Noonan from the failed painter.

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