Saturday, 23 August 2008

Number whatever it was

This is the finished painting what I started months ago. I've entered it in the Signature South West Acquisitive Art Prize.


  1. can someone please change the dark blue writing as it is almost impossible to read!
    like the painting
    I am now at wordpress(mainly)

  2. Sorry Chris, I didn't know it was such a problem - I have checked the colours on a few computers and it looked fine - has anyone else had problems with reading the screen?

  3. Hey, Roj the painting is looking very resolved and interesting. When I look at it close up it seems very heavy and textual - I quite like the swirling eddies and patch work colour sections. I hope you do well in the competition - John Drake and I have both entered the Kenilworth art prize - I think he will be hung and possibly win but I doubt I will be so lucky to even be selected - sort of a square peg into a round hole sort of guy. How was the wedding?

  4. we haven't done the wedding yet, its in november - The art comp is this weekend, Wendy reckons I've got good form but I isn't so sure - friday will tell.


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