Saturday, 26 July 2008

Mock up, poetry and a bipolar painting.

Ever wondered, what one of your own artworks would look like, on the walls of large, public art gallery?

Or, as a giant billboard, along a highway on the out skirts of a large city? Well, there is a fun photo site that does all the work for you and you can find it here.

Below is a painting from a few years ago - it's actually a triptych of sorts. The two paintings are joined in the middle by a panel poem, consisting of four verses. This work is from my short lived, but not dead,'Twins series'. Most people, who view this painting think it is about an issue between a married couple - even my wife thinks this is so. But, originally the title was 'Big Brother 1 and Big Brother 2', and was from a smaller quick drawing - the poem came after the paintings were completed.

As for me, the artist, I'm not even sure on the artworks meaning or exact derivation. Below is a blow-up of the poem in all it's ambiguous glory. This poem was created by looking at the paintings and then just writing down whatever came into my head. The poem being derived mostly from observing the painting, probably does not illuminate the viewer to the meaning of the work very much either.

But, I will leave the meaning of this, all up to you - write your responses and revelations in the comments section - even write a new poem that ties the two works together - if I get a good poem I might photoshop the winning poem into the centre panel and post it on ArtSmelter.

Sometimes, I think this character could be me but I am not quite sure why. It could be the hair style or harlequin shirt or even the shadow.


  1. Here is my version of the poem!

    You always want to move things around!
    The space is free
    that is fine
    but no, you want the table here
    but i
    like to sit on the floor here.
    I can see, when it is light the view from here, through the door
    to the river and beyond. the table would cramp my

  2. Chris, your poem indicates a disagreement between a couple over placement of furniture - but maybe they are different rooms!

  3. The argument
    remains the same
    a different perception
    placement of objects within a particular environment
    on how the individual sees ,
    apart from pictures on the wall
    and the long corridor


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