Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Creep Baby

One thing that makes me feel like a dinosaur, is the proliferation of digital art. As an artist who primarily works with paint and pencil, I feel that I am caught between generations. I have over the last twenty years dabbled with digital media, but something in my formative years locks me into analogue. I can play with digital media - whether that be images, sounds, video or animation but somehow I feel inhibited by a subsystem of analogue processing.

The above mash up of images is not by me but my daughter: who has never known a world without computers. We have had a computer in the house her whole life and so the internet is like running water from a tap.

Is time and money the root of freedom in digital art or is immersion and conceptualisation the door to perception? Is a print from a bubble jet as authentic and valid as a print from an etcher's plate. Does the analogue inform all digital art work or can someone be purely a homologous digital artist?


  1. To me they are all just tools of expression it just depends on what suits the individual. I personally hate painting, the time required and the complexity of it confuses me. It is so easy to loose the original spark of inspiration, much better for me to flip through some video stills taken at 25 per sec and make instant art. It is pure because there is no work involved, I don't become(over time) biased by how much work I've done on it, that is what I mean.

  2. desktop design drives me nuts
    like having a shower in a raincoat
    a mud-bath in a dry-suit
    germ-free sealed and once removed
    fingers clack clack keys
    feeling texture through two mil glass
    smooth cold hard digital light

    charcoal paper pencil
    glue sticks and string
    paint scavenged
    smashed up a hard drive
    all that digital whatever it was
    on mirror bright metal
    magnets and alien black chips

    couldn't find any pictures in there
    behind the two mil glass

    (from rogerstuff)

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  5. but Roj we're not talking about desk top design this is about art.


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