Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Bride

This is an example of what digital can instantly offer that is really not available any other way, in this case it's an analogue source with digital enhancement. it's not the work involved that matters it is purely down to the result from the choice, which after all is what art is; personal choices which convey personal perceptions. If you move back from your screen this image is different than when you're close to it.


  1. Yes, the image is very interesting but surely it is informed by an analogue sense of process. Although, I have read it argued that analogue systems are really a different form of sampling. Drawing is really sampling the real world - even a vinyl recording is a form of sampling. It could even be argued that our minds work via sampling then processing - "personal perceptions". I agree that digital stuff is an extra tool and a powerful one at that.
    In a way analogue is about sequential flow over time and digital about non-sequential access any time. I am still curious about the analogue versus digital mindset - we seem to live time sequentially but our thinking/memory acts somewhat non -sequentially.
    Maybe the thinking of all art making is closer to the non-sequential digital process but the action is fundamentally played out sequentially like one foot after another.

  2. This reminds me of some discussions I've had about narrative in the electronic media, the idea being that people live a lineal life where everything flows in order and therefore media productions should follow a lineal order, but to me life is a series of fairly random events which are later arranged by our memories into some kind of narrative.
    Mainly these discussion are in relation to documentary projects and how much narrative and explaining is needed for them to be viable. The point I make is that if we can post narrate our real lives then we should have no problem doing it with a media production, in fact we should be quite good at it because we do it all the time.

  3. about time... "the labyrinth of time" by Michael Lockwood.

    It looks increasing like time is quantized just like energy - it comes in discrete packets of a short but finite length which are the smallest possible lengths of time - just like the dimensional Plank length.
    I think that means everything is digital, it just has a very high baud rate.
    There is something archetypal about paint under the finger nails.
    Probably because I work on computers.
    But I've never felt the depth in electric art that I feel in mud art. I cant toward the ochre body paint, the yves klien body prints, nude mud wrestling (artistic nude mud wrestling mind, not that tacky pub stuff).
    Who-ever heard of nude computer wrestling?
    It just don't do the do.


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