Monday, 9 June 2008

night god


  1. a very ritualistic image - I like the 'here now, gone in a minute' thing. Its a very contemporary theme: going by the news, life as we know it could be here now, gone in a minute. In a lot of ways it is anyway.
    There is a $10,000 art prize being offered by the local shire, the show is in september. That would be a challenge; to turn the art on its head and do something that the shire could reasonably hang on their wall - it would be necessary to work with the expectation that the finished product would be something that someone would see $10k of value in.
    I think I'd rather go ride me bike.
    But then I feel like I should have a crack at it anyway. The theme is "the spiritual heart of the people, environment and culture of the region". Hows that for a big call? So far I've got a jehovah's witness with a broken bottle in one hand and a squashed possum in the other leaning against a 4WD with a fishing rod rack on the bull bar and a surfboard on the top. I think that about covers it... the background would be a canal estate development.
    I think I'd better go ride me bike!

  2. I can see the hand of god spraying something onto the fire, or fanning the flames or something. I share your love of flames the form, colour and motion are a beautiful thing. And best of you can't hang it on a wall, not for long anyway.
    I think you should go with the painting concept Roj but do it with class, oils on canvass and big; you can't loose.


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