Friday, 13 June 2008

finding other people's work in your own.


  1. very nice drawing you got there - great rhythm (thats a bugger of a word to spell) and movement

  2. elizan=beth

    this drawing reimnds me of jean du buffetand ian faithweather, two great artists who i have been lucky enough to have seen thier work. i enjoy the sense of fun and human activity, endeavour that emantes from the drawing. how big is it? i am really into modernism as opposed to post modernism if you know what i mean. i like skill, and subject matter that refers to tradional notions of beauty and truth.

    cheers snorkel

  3. Yes, Snork Elisabeth's work seems to have a lot of the Fairweather stuff in them - I think they show great presence of process. Sort of a slow outpouring of an inner unwinding - they seem to be methodical and contemplative not random and reckless. To me they seem to be the product of a cool intellect, churning and burning to a never reached finality. The subject matter - if any - is secondary to the presentation of process and the interplay of vaguely reminiscent and emerging forms.


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