Thursday, 22 May 2008

Implexa track


here is track 10 from Implexa, I will get some more recent track into MP3 form.Quantcast


  1. I have a Pavlov's dog response to your music now. Because, I have used it for a few video projects, I now start thinking of new visuals when the music plays.

  2. That's good because it is basically soundtrack music, the sounds heighten the impact of the visuals. What I find most interesting is when an audio track and a video clip are put together with no prior connection, they make their own connections to each other. It's all tweaking after that.

  3. I'm quite liking what I've heard there - its a bit hard for me to listen because I dont have any speakers and my head phones are busted - I've used my ipod phones but the cord is too short so I have to sit funny to reach the jack... kind of suits the music though; having to sit twisted and bent. Yeah, I like.
    I used to play the dij a fair bit, got a collection of them. I wouldn't mind chucking some into garage band and having a fiddle with it. Just need time time time


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