Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Planet Caravan live in Castlemaine may 2008


Last Saturday evening 24th May 2008 in Castlemaine ICU 'Planet Caravan' performed, this is part of that performance recorded.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Implexa track


here is track 10 from Implexa, I will get some more recent track into MP3 form.Quantcast

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Beware the Framers!

This is a pencil and acrylic work on paper, of a few trees up at Mary Cairnscross Park at Maleny. If I remember correctly, this was taken from a small drawing I drew in pencil and an old tea bag on paper while having lunch with Roger (Roj) and Wendy. It was just after we moved to Beerwah and possibly just before they moved to Perth - but my memory could be a bit skew-wiff.

For the last 16 years or so it's been sitting in a frame: I pinched the frame for another work that was going in my 'as' show. It was the first Glasshouse Mountains area drawing that I framed. Unfortunately the framers at Caloundra used poor framing techniques and glued the whole picture to the backing board - very annoying. At least I can photograph it properly now without fighting with glare from the glass.

I had another work damaged in a similar way by a Brisbane framer - he used a backing board that seemed to be covered in a self-adhesive sheet. The main work is stuck down on this slowly deteriorating board and is impossible to remove. The problem is you don't find out until years later when you go to change frames or service the work. These days I ask as many questions of the framers as possible and if I get a weird response I look elsewhere. Fortunately, I now know two good framers who are honest, reliable and do a good job.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Great thinkers

"When I was a Child I was in love with a girl of my own age who was slightly cross eyed; consequently whenever I looked at her unfocused eyes the impression of that vision of her on my brain was so linked to what aroused the passion of love that, for long afterwards whenever I saw cross-eyed people I felt more inclined to love them than others."

Rene Descartes

Sunday, 18 May 2008

schrodinger's cat

I've put more of this on rogerstuff...
Its got all sorts of ledges and cavernous spaces that I can imagine little people crawling about in - cliffs for them to rappel down - girders and smashed concrete tumbled together - just like SBS news really

Friday, 16 May 2008


Frank Feels Full of Himself - Carved and polychromed timber - 200x66x30cm - 2008

Giacommetti in wood.

Standing alone, a stretched figure, elongated to virtual anonymity. A Gicaommetti in wood, a shimmering man on the horizon, seen through squinted eyes. Yet, he has a name - 'Frank'. 'F' for 'Frank' so you can't forget - I am the slim man, I am the blue man, I am the hollow man, I am the every man, I am the man in 'The ballad of a thin man'.

Stephen's 'Frank' man resonates with the voices of Modernity. From Chaplin's little Charlie to Bob Dylan's song and dance man. A 'Woody Allen' in films like 'Sleeper' or Jacques Tati's Monsieur Hulot battling against technology. The struggle of men against the powers of technology, as in Fritz Lang's Metropolis or George Orwell's 1984. The message is a simple but clear reminder of the de-humanising nature of technology. Today it's the Internet, faceless facebook, Myspace and the myriad endless online nature of self promotion and subsequent narrowing of the soul.

What's cool about 'Frank's' Stephen is his sense of humour. Against all the odds of dehumanising, isolation and narrowing of the soul, 'Frank' survives - he might be a bit worse for wear but he's not alone - there are many 'Franks'. Grid like and boxed, looking a bit like the characters in Brack's, 'Collins Street 5pm', but I think, 'Franks' okay - even though he has a tendency to look into his own belly occasionally.
Frank's Doubt - Carved and polychromed timber - 90.5x23x6 - 2008

So, to me it is Stephens sense of humour that sings hope in the 'Frank' exhibition - I mean seriously, two 'Franks' attached by a spring, on wheels, facing each other like some sort of inverse "push-me, pull-you" - this is fun, quirky and one of the reasons I have liked art since being a child. There is no highfalutin art speaksy here - even the gallery notes on Stephen and his Frank show are written in a rational and non-esoteric way, which is refreshing. But the message is relevant and profound and the expression in wood, paint and other materials has a folk art/craft feel to it. I enjoyed Stephens work because it quickly strikes a chord with me and doesn't preach condescendingly - this is work about the real world, spoken in identifiable terms with a dash of humour and hope.

Frank's Moving Conversation - Carved and polychromed timber - 163.5x100x20.5cm - 2008

Stephen Hart currently has a show at Jan Manton's art gallery at South Brisbane until the 24th of May. More examples of his artwork from his current exhibition can be seen here.

Images are used by permission from Jan Mantons Art Gallery. Recently when visiting QAG and GOMA, I have taken the opportunity to visit this gallery which is just over the road. Jan and Kitty are very friendly and welcoming and it's well worth the extra walk to check out whatever is playing in their gallery - the diversity of work and calibre of artist presented there are of a high level.
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