Friday, 18 April 2008

Showcase Review

I have added a section in the left sidebar called SHOWCASE REVIEW. The idea is that ArtSmelter contributers can if they desire write reviews or showcase another artist's work. This could also be a review of an exhibition, music event, cultural event, Internet site - anything along these lines.

My first review is to be John Drake - John has already agreed to be my first Guinea Pig and has sent me a few details and an copy of an etching - I am no great writer: my syntax and grammar are somewhat convoluted at times but at least I have a good spell checker, so I will give it a try.

My second review will be our new member Sonya - she has been in the throws of an exhibition in Melbourne, so has been very busy. She is keen to be a contributor to our Blog but is still a little coy.

If any of you other Smelters from Victoria or Western Australia have a review or show case then just do it as a normal post and tag it either Showcase or review then I will add it to the sidebar list.

By the way - Antlion and Elisabeth's daughter Nina has been added to the Link list. Nina is a keen photographer and crafty person, her blog can be found here. This is one of her photo's and also the banner of her blog - the red on red is very effective.

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