Sunday, 27 April 2008

Schrodinger's cat

Schrodinger must have had a thing about cats - fancy melting it in prussic acid - not nice. Maybe his Grandmother read him Kipling before bedtime - I know mine did ...all proper men and dogs hate cats.
And while we're on dogs, I have a theory that the horribleness of dogs is directly proportional to the mass of the dog - therefore if you brush your dog regularly it is less horrible than otherwise. Not on account of the reduction in the layer of shed dog hair that accumulates about the house but because the dog's mass is reduced. The accompanying reduction in random hair is a pleasant side effect which does not correlate directly to the measure of mass/horribleness. Also, dogs tend to go clockwise around posts in the southern hemisphere - but I think I've already mentioned that.

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  1. When we brush our dogs they get bigger and they don't loose their hair. This seems strange but is apparently true. The air is in the hair and not the hair in the air. But our cats hair floats like sub-atomic particles in the air to who knows where - although the nose knows. Although you can't see the air you can sense the hair, so seemingly paradoxically the air must be there due to the hair - I assume as much anyway - who nose?


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