Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Other Blogs

I check out other Blogs on a regular basis and add comments or link them to ArtSmelter. It is quite interesting the diversity of artists out in the Blogosphere. If you other Smelters have any links to other art sites then post a few in the comments section or write a review and post it.
This is one I found today .... Artery Gallery News Blog . This one is from Scotland and this is the Blurb -
"Artery Gallery have gathered the best of Scottish and International talent from students just starting out on their career, to well established names within the art world. What matters most to Artery Gallery, is that they bring these creations forward and make them affordable and accessible to anybody wanting the best of contemporary art."

They have quite a few Scottish Art links at the bottom of their blog - for those interested in Scottish or U.K. artists.

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